Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Intro to WRiskManager

How did I think of a name like this?

W - Wettlaufer (my surname) AND
RiskManager - my "occupation"? Within our firm's insurance expertise I have attained the CRM (Canadian Risk Manager) designation from the Global Risk Management Institute, New York. I am a licensed (in Ontario, Canada) insurance broker, able to sell commercial and personal auto, property and liability insurance but focus on the "risk" and how best to handle - even if that means a client not purchasing insurance (hard to believe for someone in sales, right?) from me/us.

Because this is my first attempt at a blog please excuse this effort but I was raised during a time when a computer was the size of a 3-storey university building and data entry was done by means of keypunching "cards"; I have learned how to use this wonderful tool by trial and error, as you can probably all see by now.


MayaKirana said...

Hi Larry
Thanks for connecting via Xing. I like it that you're honest about blogging. ;-) I myself have 4 blogs - grew up with it but still it isn't easy! Sometimes I feel guilty about not posting any entries in my blog. Main reason for blogging - I want to keep my writing skills honed and my observation skills sharp. Krista (but my blog name is Mayakirana, in case you're wondering!)

Korir said...

Hi Larry,

I hope you are fine.You sent a private message through Ecademy to me few days ago.

My email addresses is mthuo@streamtech.co.ke,info@streamtech.co.ke.
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